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How to upgrade your message request game! 

Love Home Swap member Marie knows a thing or two about successfully securing the best home swaps – and it’s all down to writing a really great message request. Currently arranging around five swaps a year, Marie reveals how she connects with the LHS community…

Use the swapper's name

First impressions count. Start as you mean to go on with good communication, even if you’re sending out the same message to everyone!


Explain what you want out of the trip

This starts to give the homeowner an idea of who you are, and how you’ll be using their property. This is really important in building trust between members.


Make it personal

Tell the homeowner what you like about their home, and why you think it will work for you. This shows genuine interest in their home, and it proves that you have read their profile carefully!


Let the swapper know who you will be travelling with (including your four legged friends!)

It’s polite to give members all of the details, so they can let you know if they can accommodate everyone and what they are comfortable with. This is particularly relevant if you’re hoping to bring your pet on holiday. We love travelling with our furry friend, as she’s part of the family. Don’t bother contacting people who have stated no pets, but it’s always worth messaging those who haven’t specified and those that say they are pet-friendly. Trying to find properties with a dog may seem like a challenge, but there are lots of dog friendly properties.


Offer to pay for cleaning fees

This is especially important if you’re looking for a Points Swap, as you’re not trading ‘services’, so it’s a goodwill gesture on top of the points that they’ll receive. It shows straight away that you care about their home.


Five simple steps to help you connect with other home swappers. Now you just need to bring them together into one winning message. Marie shows you how:


Hi Paul,


I hope this finds you well. You have a beautiful home that ticks all our boxes.


This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a place for a week in August. It would be just myself and my boyfriend Lee and our little dog Boo. Hypoallergenic and better behaved than most kids I know!


I’m pregnant and have been on the whole shielding. As you can imagine, we’ve cancelled many holidays and I’m not happy with flying anywhere.


I can offer you POINTS or you are welcome to come to ours. We’re flexible on dates or amount of time. Ideally, we’d like 7 nights or less. We’re available to travel from the 14th -26th August or from 27th August onwards.


We are experienced home swappers and would take care of your home in a way that we would want ours looked after. I’m happy to pay any cleaning fees, but we always leave places as we’ve found them.


Let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards,




To read more about Marie’s experiences of home swapping, click here!

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