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A club members' personal profile and property listing showcases your home and tells others why they would enjoy travelling to your part of the world. By making your listing stand out on site you'll get the most from your membership and enjoy more opportunities to travel. Take a look at our simple tips for improving your listing.

Personal profile


About us


Even if you are not doing a simultaneous swap, letting others know a little about yourself helps to build trust and increase the number of trips you'll be likely to book. A profile photo is also important and will increase the response rate to your enquiries, making your listing more personal

Include the ages of yourselves and your children if they're likely to be travelling with you.

What work do/did you do? What type of holiday do you enjoy? Are you experienced swappers? What are you looking for from your trips?


Property Listing


Your Property title

This is your opening line and is the perfect opportunity to highlight a key element of your home. It should be 40 to 60 characters long.

Mention the type and size of the property along with one key benefit

"Compact city apartment within five minutes of an underground stop"

"Large, traditional 4 bedroom family house with a pool"

"Rural barn conversion on the edge of a national park"


Overview of your property - drop down options

Complete the details in the drop down boxes accurately. These are important as they are included in the way that other members search for homes.


Overview of your property - Description

You don't want this to be too long but it's important to include all relevant information that may help other members when they're deciding between your property and another. We suggest having an intro paragraph of 200 to 250 words that summarizes the key benefits of the property and mentions the general attractions in the area. You can then go into more detail below.


Outline the specifications of the bedrooms (sizes of beds, wardrobe/cupboard space, en-suite, outside access, what floor are they on)

Detail the basics of the kitchen and appliances

Give some details of times and distances, or public transport.

"20 minutes on the train from Heathrow"

"5 minute walk to the beach"

"Winelands are only 10km away"

"Bus and tram stops just a few minutes' walk away"


Overview of your property - Features

The features section is important as it not only appears on your listing but is also part of the site search function. So if a member specifies that they're looking for a pool in their search and you have not included it in your features section, your property will be excluded from the search results.



Photos are the most important aspect of your listing and are worth taking some time over. Professional photos are great, but you can get great results yourself too. Be sure to provide a short description for each image


We recommend 15 to 25 images including:

Exterior of the property, preferably providing a sense of the location. If the property is in an apartment block it is better to have a shot of the street, including your building, as opposed to simply a shot of the outside of the building. For detached properties an exterior photo from the front and back is recommended.

At least one photo of each bedroom or sleeping area - ideally pictures from two different angles in the room. We suggest standing in the corner of the room when taking photos to get more of the room in.

Main living spaces, entertaining areas or reception room.


Outdoor areas or garden spaces - this includes balconies or decks.

Bathrooms are not necessary, but if they have a special feature it is worth including them.

Avoid the temptation to include multiple images of specific décor or design features in your home - rather try to incorporate these into the room shots.

Photos of the local area - try to take these yourself as opposed to using stock images. Use these photos to provide context for your property and neighbourhood - don't include shots of well-known attractions unless they provide context for your home's location.


Neighbourhood - In the know

Our members around the world have provided over 700,000 insider tips and local favourites that are shared within the club community. This is part of what makes Love Home Swap unique, so be sure to share some of your recommendations and suggestions.

We suggest at least three examples of each of the categories (if they are available in the area) with an indication of the style too.

Buzzy restaurants: La Plate is perfect for a special dinner, Joe's does the most incredible pancakes for breakfast and The Shed is great for family lunches that won't break the bank.


Availability calendar

It's very important to keep this up to date. It will help you get the most suitable enquiries and will save you time in your correspondence. When another member does a search, homes that are set as 'available' during the dates that they're searching for will come up first in the results. The best way to set up your calendar initially is to indicate when your home or property is definitely unavailable. A good tip is to select a period of 12 months and make it all available, then go through and mark off the times that you know are definitely not available.


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