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The best way to avoid any nasty hurdles during your exchanges is to leave your guests with a comprehensive guide to your home. Don't know where to start? Here are some ideas on what to include in yours

How everything works

How your home works may be second nature to you, but for others it might take a little getting used to. It's good to leave a little guide to your home for your visitors, some things you might want to include are:

- Wifi password

- How to use the: TV/ entertainment system, shower, air con or central heating, - household appliances and any fancy gadgets

- Any neighbourhood tips, like when the garbage is taken out or any parking rules

- Any guidelines for taking care of the house and pets if you have them and their staying

- List of numbers (doctor, emergency services etc)

Local tips

Many Love Home Swappers exchange for a more local feel on vacation - so you'll find more often than not that your local knowledge will be happily welcomed. Local information you could consider sharing in your guide to your home includes:

- Local transport information

- Maps and/or guidelines on accessing local amenities

- Guide pamphlets to attractions you know might be of interest

- Your favourite cafés, bars, restaurants etc.

- A reliable taxi service

- Numbers for cleaning, babysitting and other helpful services

 A helping hand

In most cases you'll have a friend or neighbour who can help out your guest if needed, so make sure your swapper knows who this is pre-swap.

Make sure to leave their details in your guide, so your guest has their details to hand should they need them.

You can also include Love Home Swap's number so our team can assist.

The rules

We're sure you've discussed these, so there should be no surprises in here.

Remember - if you don't tell them it's off-limits there's no way they can know, so be up-front about your do's and don't's. Things to consider are:

- Food and drink

- Cars (you'll need to run this by your insurance company too)

- Sport equipment (especially for ski breaks)

- Gadget and electronics, like computers

The expectations

The Love Home Swap community is a very intelligent one, but we're yet to come across a single one who can read minds. If you expect all towels and linens to be washed and put back in place at the end of a swap, you need to make that known to your guests.

Again, you should have already agreed this - so the mention in your guide is just a handy reminder.

We'd also love to hear how you got on with our tips. Share your story by emailing us or share your comments, pics and videos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram





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