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Renting out your home

Published in Tips & Advice - May 28, 2014

Our members have the unique benefit of three ways to travel within the club - Swap, Points or Rent. Holiday rentals are becoming more popular with our members who enjoy the added sense of community within the club, whether booking a home for a holiday or renting out their properties. We've put together some tips for getting the most out of our holiday rentals service - starting with how to rent out your home.

Agreeing a rental in a few simple steps...

Booking rentals through our site is a simple process, done through a short series of messages between the Guest (who wants to book) and the Host (who owns the home).

  1. Guest sends an enquiry to Host proposing dates they want to book
  2. Host selects 'Edit Trip Details' option in the discussion to confirm dates, nightly rate and optional security deposit
  3. Guest agrees to the details of the trip as presented by the host
  4. Payment is made and trip is booked. Simple.

Getting your home set up for rentals on site

This is a fantastic feature for second home owners as well as members who have their main home on the site. If you want to make your home available for rentals and allow it to appear in rental searches there are a few simple steps to get set up.

Log into the site, hover over your name and click on 'My Rentals'.

Make sure that you've tick the box titled 'I'm open to renting this home'.

You can now set an indicative price that you'd like to charge. This rate is not set in stone - you can discuss it with other members who're interested in renting. Homes with indicative prices set appear higher in rental search results.

It's important to remember that you have full control over who stays in your home when you are renting it out. You will receive a message from interested members and discuss all the details with them directly before approving any rental.

You can also select your preferred cancellation policy - to protect you in the rare case that a trip is cancelled after booking. You can read more about cancellation policies here.

Important to keep your availability up to date

Booking rentals is generally done more quickly than than planning a swap. So it's important to keep your property's Availability Calendar up to date to be sure of getting suitable requests from other members and avoid missing out on potential bookings. Simply log in, visit 'My Homes' and choose 'Set availability'.

You're all set up - now what?

When you receive a rental request from another member you can discuss the details, dates and price and find out more about the person - use the 'Edit trip details' section of the discussion. Once you're happy to have them stay and have finalised the details you can agree the trip.

It's important to respond in good time and to reply to all your messages - even if it is just to decline the trips. Not only is this polite and in keeping with our code of conduct, but properties with a good response rate are shown higher in search results and more likely to receive enquiries As mentioned earlier, rentals are booked quite quickly so taking too long to reply could mean missing out on a booking.

Getting paid for your rental

As we are a community we do our best to protect our members, so when a booking is agreed, Love Home Swap holds the funds in a separate ESCROW account until the time of the booking. 48 hours after the start of the rental we'll pay the funds to the host. This is to give the guest an opportunity to confirm that the home is as it was represented on site.

We also recommend looking into your local tax laws around rental income before renting out your home.

Setting up a refundable security deposit

This is an optional amount that can be agreed between host and guest, to cover any accidental damages that may happen during the stay. This is very rare, but accidents can happen and it's reassuring to have this added cover. We hold the funds in a secure ESCROW account and manage the processing of any claims that may be made. Read more about our refundable security deposit service here.

It is also important to make sure that you've checked your home insurance coverage for guests staying in your home.

You can read our rental FAQs if you have any further questions, or feel free to drop us a line.

What about members who are not interested in renting?

If you already have your home on the site and have decided that making money by renting out your home is not for you simply un-tick the box 'I'm open to renting this home' as mentioned above.

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