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One of the recent improvements to the site has been the introduction of our Availability Calendar. You can now clearly tell other members when your home is available and improve the quality of trip requests you receive.

Availability tab on all properties

Using the calendar

It's really simple for our members to set availability for their homes. Any dates, up to two years into the future, can be set as either Available, Open to offers or Not available.

Available: Your home is open to offers from guests, or you're planning on going away and are looking for a swap.

Open to offers: You are flexible with your travel plans and are happy to consider offers.

Not available: This may be your main home and you're not going to be away, or the property is already booked during that time. You're not interested in getting any more enquiries for these dates.

You just visit the 'my homes' section in your profile where you'll see the blue 'Set availability' button. Follow the prompts on-screen to get your home set up. You'll notice that homes that have had their availability updated recently have a green calendar icon in the search results. You can amend your availability at any time unless you've already agreed a booking with another member.

Better search results

When you are looking for a trip yourself, the calendar will help you to find better results - the homes that are available when you're looking to travel. Each property listing now has an Availability tab where other members can easily see when the home is available on a calendar view.

Our on-site search function also prioritizes homes where availability has been set. So if you are looking for a property for a trip that you're planning for the second week of August, the homes where the corresponding dates are set as Available will be at the top of you search results.

Better holidays for homeowners

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