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We all know a great listing means swap success. Here are our six top tips for a listing that demands requests.

Keep it simple

If your 'Overview' section is more than 300 words, you might want to consider cutting back.

Research suggests that we only tend to read 20% or less of the content on our screens - so it pays to be clear and concise in your listing.


Be yourself

People swap with people, so some personality will go a long way.

Inject some personality into your listing by making sure you fill in the 'More about us' section well (find some great tips on this right here) and add in some pictures of yourself into your listing.


Make it searchable

Making sure you give the right information will bring the right swaps to you, so taking the time to tick the right boxes can pay dividends.

In your profile you can indicate what kind of swaps you're interested in, where you'd like to go and the features of your home. Members use all this information to search for swaps, so this is an easy way to make sure yours gets seen.


Think outside the house

Of course your home is important, but with swapping, as with real estate, is often about of location, location, location.

Sell your neighbourhood with pictures of the local area and nearby attractions, a description of the key benefits of your locale and fill in the 'neighbourhood' info in your listing.


Swap schedules

For qualified swaps, make sure your calendar is up-to-date. Showing when you're available to swap will not only discourage requests you won't be able to accept but also encourages those that might work to get in touch.


Get shooting

New research suggests that B&Bs are losing up to £8.9m a year in bookings because of poor photos - with 82% of people saying it puts them off staying there.

While you're not necessarily losing money here, if your pictures leave something to be desired, you could definitely be losing out on swaps - and as each swap equates to a £2000+ holiday saving, you kind of are losing money actually.

If your pictures could do with a spruce up check out our guide on home photography.


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