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For those of you feeling that ‘itch’ to getaway whilst vacations are for now on hold, here’s our top tips for keeping your passion for travel whilst staying at home. 

Update your travel bucket list 

One of the best ways to look forward to future travel is by creating (or updating) a travel bucket list. You may not be able to travel there now, but by creating a list of your dream destinations it gives you something to look forward to in the future.  

We recommend starting by creating a list of where you have already been and what you loved most about each of your trips. This gives you a good idea of where you’ve been already which can help decide where to go next, but it also allows you to have that all-satisfying marking of that destination as “completed”. 


Plan an itinerary for your next trip 

Leading on from your bucket list, another great way to look forward to future travel is by planning a future trip.  

Anticipating and planning a holiday can be just as fun as the actual holiday itself, and one great way of doing this is by creating an itinerary for your next trip. Even though you might not be able to select specific dates for now, you can make a start by creating your ideal itinerary with things you want to see and do in your desired locations. Read up on the area in travel guides and feel free to message other Love Home Swap members in the areas you are looking to travel for local tips.  


Ask others about travel 

One great way to get inspired about your future travels is by talking with friends and family. Ask them what their favourite experiences have been, and where they’re looking to travel to next.  

You could also ask our home swapping community what their best home swaps have been and their favourite homes to swap with. 


Start scrapbooking

One great way to get excited about future travel is to look back on some of the great adventures you've had already. Scrapbooking your travel experiences lets you reflect on those memories and also get creative in how you show them off. Many online photo printing services are operating as normal over this time, so you can everything delivered straight to your door. 


Travel vicariously 

Even if you’re not able to physically travel, you can still reap the benefits all from the comfort of home. Read novels centered around travel, stock up on travel guides and even watch foreign cinema and TV.  

In response to everyone putting travel on hold, many establishments have now decided to make museums and art exhibitions virtual experiences, including the MoMA in New York City and the Natural History Museum in London.  

If you're looking for more nature-inspired travel, you can bring the outdoors in with a virtual field trip, including a tour of many National Parks, explore the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough, or even stroll through some of the world’s most famous Botanical Gardens


Get cooking 

One of the best things about travelling is the amazing food you try. Make a conscious effort to mix up your usual weekly food plans and try new recipes from other cuisines. From assembling Japanese gyozas to cooking up a pan of Spanish paella; not only does this give you a taste of other cultures, but it's also a great activity for the whole household to get involved in. 


Get a new perspective 

If it’s not the food that makes you want to pack your bags, it’s the excitement of immersing yourself in something new and unknown. Travel is all about new experiences and seeing life through others perspectives. But you don’t have to jump on a plane or even leave your town in order to experience new surroundings.  

If you’re currently at home, you can find local walks that you haven’t had time to explore, or even just taking a different route to do a short walk around the block. These small refreshments can make all the difference.  


Learn a new language 

Most of us have some more time on our hands, which makes now the perfect time to brush up on your French or finally master conversational Spanish. There are some great apps out there, Duolingo is a well-established platform with over 31 different languages, and Babbel is perfect for learning conversational phrases. A great way of committing to learning a new language is by focusing on a language for one of your bucket list destinations that you can’t quite book yet.  


Get offline 

Whatever you decide to do during this time, consider taking regular breaks from digital news and social media.  Assign a time to check the news, maybe first thing in the morning, and then check in later in the evening. 

Take the time that you would normally spend on these apps into activities that you wouldn’t normally have time to or haven’t got around to. For example, when taking a break from work, instead of scrolling through the news, why not pick up the phone and call a friend? Or get some fresh air with a quick walk around the neighborhood?  


How are you getting excited about travel during this time? Let us know using the hashtag #swappersathome on Instagram and Twitter so we can see!  

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