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At Love Home Swap, building a home-swapping community based on trust and respect is important to us. One of the biggest questions that newcomers to home exchanging ask is “is it safe?”. Home swapping is a safe and fun way to travel, and we have a complete guide on how to home swap safely. One of the easiest ways to have some added "peace of mind" when swapping is verification on the platform.   


Why should I become verified?

Being verified proves to the Love Home Swap community that you are a ‘real person’ as your documents have been approved by a member of our team.

Becoming verified gives you more opportunities to home swap, as many home swappers tend to only exchange with other verified members as they know they are dealing with a committed and trustworthy user. This helps you agree more trips, more easily.

Love Home Swap users tend to rely on reviews to find out what other members thought of a property and to gain a sense of security. If you don’t have any property reviews yet, a verified profile is the best way of giving members confidence in your listing.

Being verified also let’s Love Home Swap know that you are a quality and trusted member, and as a result your property listing gets boosted and prioritised in the search results.


How do I become verified?

In order to become verified, you need to be a Love Home Swap member. If you’re not yet a member, take a look at our membership options.

We verify both your address and identity. We do this by asking a member to submit:

1.) Proof of identity (i.e. drivers’ licence or passport)
2.) Proof of address (i.e. recent utility bill)

These documents should ideally be scanned, however clear photos are also accepted. To become verified please get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to assist by emailing

We will contact you to confirm that we have received the documents and that your verification has been confirmed.


How will other members know I am verified?

Once confirmed with our team, your verification should be live on-site within two working days.

Once our team have approved your documents, a black icon will appear next your profile picture on your property listing (see below).


What members can become verified?

Verification is open to all our members. To verify your profile, please get in touch with our team who will be able to help further. 

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