How exactly do I swap?

Found a home you love? It's as simple as messaging the owner and taking it from there.

You can use our secure messaging to talk over the details - then when you're ready you just need to click 'agree'. Easy.

Have you got any insider tips?

Way too many to write here. But the ones you really need to know are:

  • Invest in your listing. Making it look amazing and you'll spend way less time searching for swaps.
  • Be open minded. Sometimes those opportunistic swaps turn out to be the best.
  • Communicate. Members can sometimes exchange 10 to 20 messages via the site to confirm a swap and a phone call can definitely help too.
  • Be thoughtful. Ensure your home is tidy and stocked up with the basics before your swap arrives. In turn, leave your hosts home as you found it.

Nail all those and you (and your swapper) will be perfectly happy. If you want to see more, check out all our home swap guides.

What about insurance?

It's always a good idea to talk to your home insurer before your trip to make sure you're covered while you swap and to give yourself a chance to take out any extra cover, should you need it.

Do we have to swap at the same time?

Not at all.

In fact, many of our members arrange non-simultaneous swaps, where your guest may come to stay with you in June, but you don't stay at their's until November, for example.

Another alternative to a direct swap is a Points swap, which is perfect for when you can't match dates or even destinations. Find out more about points here.

You must have an active membership for the duration of your trip.


How do members contact each other about home swaps?

Members contact each other about home exchanges through the secure messaging system within the Love Home Swap service. You will also receive an email to your own email address to alert you each time you receive a new message.

We ask that our members respond to all swap requests and messages, even if the swap request is not of interest to you.

Once you've made contact with members via the site, it's also a good idea to discuss your home swap on a phone call or via Skype to get to know your exchange partner more.

Do I have to add photos of my home straight away?

Photos are a really important part of your profile and members who add photos are 11 times more likely to receive home swap requests.

Don't worry if you don't have photos to hand when you join. You can return later to add photos or other details - simply follow the link in the Welcome email we sent you or go to the 'My Profile' section as soon as you have photos ready. We strongly recommend that you add at least one photo to your listing to get the most out of your membership.

Can I list more than one home?

Members can list as many properties on the site as they wish without any extra fee per home. Simply go to your My Account area, and click on the 'Add home' link. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact info@lovehomeswap.com

How do I manage my property listing(s)?

Simply go to your 'My Account' area, and click on 'My homes' or 'Edit my profile'. You can add or deactivate a property any time (your property listing(s) will remain active on the site unless you choose to deactivate these). If you have any questions about how to do this, simply email info@lovehomeswap.com

How many times can you swap during the year?

As a Love Home Swap member, there is no limit on the length or number of swaps that you agree throughout the year - it's all part of your single membership fee.

You will need to have an active membership for the duration of any swaps you agree.

How does the swap confirmation process work?

The Love Home Swap site takes you through the process of agreeing home swaps online in a simple and secure way. This covers the essentials and confirms your swap timings and other specifics.

You can start this process simply by clicking on the 'Agree Swap' button in the top right corner of any trip discussion.

For any questions, please contact us on info@lovehomeswap.com

Can you swap cars as part of a home swap?

Many members do, as you can save on hire-car costs, and even leave your cars at the airport for one another to save on taxis. But before you make the agreement, check that your insurance policy allows your exchange partner to drive your car - if an extra premium is charged, sort out who will pay.

What should you do to make your swap run as smoothly as possible?

Industry experts state that it is very rare for complaints about theft or damage to be reported around home swaps.
Just to be on the safe side, it is advised for members to lock away any valuable possessions that you instinctively would not want to leave out on display.

Can I agree a swap beyond the expiry of my membership?

You must be an active member for the duration of any swaps or Points swaps you agree.

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