Will the Points system work for me?

Points trips are the answer for those times when you can't organise a two-way swap or when you need a more flexible way to travel. You can use the time that you know your home will be sitting empty to earn points and then use those points to book time in another member's home - anywhere in the world - when it suits you.

You may have someone from Barcelona come to stay in your London apartment, and then use the points you earn to book time in a beach property in Sydney. You can save up the Points you earn for a longer holiday or use them for short stays throughout the year.

Points are also great for second home owners - you can build up Points when members stay at your property throughout the year and use them when it suits you to travel.

How many Points will I earn and what are they worth?

You'll earn 100 points per night when another member stays in your property.

This flat rate is the same for all members and all homes, all year round. And then when you're planning a Points trip for yourself, you'll use 100 points for each night that you book.

The site will calculate the number of points that are needed for the trip when the dates are added. It's important to remember that all Points trips must be completed through the site.

How do I earn Points?

You'll earn Points when another member agrees a Points trip to your property through the club's secure on-site messaging service.

As a joining bonus, you'll receive points when you start a new annual membership. You won't be able to use your Points using your trial period, but you can upgrade at any time during your free trial to get earlier access to the system.

Silver members receive 100 bonus points, Gold 300 bonus points and Platinum 700 bonus points.

When your annual membership renews you will receive another Points bonus relative you your membership level, as specified above.

Can I top up my Points?

Yes, you can top up your balance at any time if you need extra points to book a trip. The rate per point is based on your membership level - you can read more about topping up your balance.

Get in touch with the team to or give us a call on 0800 131 0000 to chat about your best options for booking trips with Points.

Is the Points service included in my membership?

All Love Home Swap annual members can plan trips using Points - at no additional cost to your membership.

Can I opt out of the Points system?

Yes. If you'd prefer to only use traditional swap you can simply update your preferences in your profile. You can opt in or out of our three ways to travel through the club - Swap, Points or Rent.

Opting out of Points will mean that your home won't appear in Points search results, and you won't be able to send or receive Points trip requests.

Are there any additional costs involved in using Points?

No. The Points trip service is included in our membership packages at no extra cost.

Any additional costs involved in the trip are at the discretion of the host or guest. This may include items such as house cleaning in some cases.

In the interests of transparency, hosts should include a reference to any added costs that they intend on charging on their home listing.

When will my Points be available?

Once another member has booked time at you property through the site, the points for that booking will be released and you can spend them.

Your joining or renewal bonus points will be available when your next period of annual membership begins. Points are not available to use during the free trial.

When can I make time available in my home?

You can set your availability any time up to 2 years into the future.

How much time can I make available?

You can make as much time available in your home as you wish, up to 2 years into the future.

How much time will I earn when I accept a Points booking?

You'll receive 100 points per night for Points bookings accepted.

Are Swap Points replacing your Classic Swap and rentals product?

No. Points are simply another way to travel using the Love Home Swap site. We now offer our members three flexible ways to travel as part of their membership package.

How can I contact you about Points?

You can always drop us a line at points@lovehomeswap.com - we're always happy to help.

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