How does Instant work?

Instant allows you to earn and spend your Points instantly.

For adding available dates with Instant you will receive the Points for those nights straight away, instead of when your home is booked.

You can book other Instant homes using your Points straight away without having to message the other member first

How do I sign up for Instant?

Once you've become a member, just head to the Instant page and click 'Get started'. We'll tell you everything you need to know and even guide you through adding your first Instant dates. After, you'll be an Instant user.

Do I really receive Points for joining Instant?

Yes. You really do.

For adding available dates to your Instant calendar, we’ll give you Points up front based on their value. Their value is determined by our Instant algorithm, which takes into account your home’s location, features and seasonality.

Dates you add will be there to be booked instantly by other Instant users.

You can spend the Points you receive straight away.

What’s different about Instant?

Unlike Direct swaps and Points swaps you can book through Instant without having a discussion with the other member. Your discussion takes place after the swap has been booked.

You can also earn Points instantly – we’ll give you Points up front for any available dates you add.

You will have a new calendar to manage your Instant availability. Any changes on this are reflected in your current calendar. This calendar can be found in the My Homes section of your account once you have joined Instant.

I already use Points. Am I an Instant user also?

Yes, you can swap using Instant without having to sign up if you already use Points. 

Why have Instant deposits been paused?

Instant requires you to know the exact availability of your home and when you can swap. It’s all about certainty. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, it’s impossible for our members to know travel plans a few weeks from now, let alone a few months. Therefore, we’re not taking Instant date deposits until further notice. You can still book available Instant dates. 

We’re going to use this time to make some planned improvements and ensure Instant is even better when it returns.