How do I list my property as available to rent?

You can visit the My Rentals page at www.lovehomeswap.com/my-rentals and set up each of your listed properties as available to rent here. All properties are automatically setup as available to swap as well.

How do I stop offering my property for rent?

If you are no longer interested in renting your property you can change your preferences at www.lovehomeswap.com/my-rentals. Note that all open rental conversations will no longer be valid and will automatically turn back into swap conversations.

I'm a professional property manager can I list with you?

Yes, if you have the ability to always keep your listings updated, you can list your properties on Love Home Swap. We encourage and accept listings from individuals and professional Hosts.

How do I send a rental offer in response to a swap request?

If your property is setup as available to rent in the My Rentals page available at www.lovehomeswap.com/my-rentals, when you receive a swap request you will have the option to send a rental offer, this indicates you are not able to swap with the other member but you could offer a vacation rental instead.