How long will my Points be valid?

Your points will expire two years after they become available to use.

Can I change my homes’ availability?

You can amend the availability settings for your home at any time.

However, once you've approved a member's request to stay in your home on a Points trip you can't amend those dates. Your guests may already have booked flights or made travel arrangements, so it's important to keep your availability calendar up to date. We reserve the right to suspend you membership if you do not honour your agreed trips.

Am I obliged to accept requests for dates when I’ve made my home available?

The Points service is based on balance between homes being made available and other members booking Points trips. So while you are not obliged to accept requests to stay in your home - and you have control over who you accept - we'd encourage you to approve a request in order to keep the system working. And in order to earn more points for yourself.

We reserve the right to suspend a member's Points service if they repeatedly rejects Points requests without reasonable justification.