How does borrowing Points work?

Borrowing Points means you can borrow the Points you need in order to book your next trip. You'll be able to borrow Points for a fee, based on the amount of Points you need. This allows you to use the Points now and repay them by allowing another member to stay in your home at a later date.

How much does borrowing Points cost?

The amount you pay will be a flat fee based on how many Points you need to borrow. Prices start at £49/ $62

How can I borrow Points?

You can borrow Points by clicking the 'Borrow Points now' button on the Borrow Points page.

How many Points can I get?

You’ll be able to borrow up to 10,000 Points towards your next trip. 

How long do I have to repay my Points?

You’ll have 2 years to repay your Points. You won’t be able to travel with Points or borrow Points again until you’ve earned back the Points you’ve borrowed.

What if I can’t repay my Points?

We are here to help! We will assist in any way we can to help find Points members to stay in your home.

You’ll also have the option to extend at the end of the two years for a small fee.

Are there any other fees involved?

To make sure Points work smoothly, there is an exit fee for those who don't repay borrowed Points within two years. This is to make sure that members both travel and make their home available for other members. The price of the exit fee is dependant on the volume of Points borrowed. The exit fee starts at £125/ $159