Can I charge cleaning and other fees?

Yes. You can incorporate your cleaning fees into your indicative weekly price. This means the amount will be taken along with the nightly rate when the guest pays for their stay. Alternatively you can agree these extra fees directly with the guest, making your own arrangements to get paid this money.

If I set an indicative price, can I change it later?

Yes. You can change your indicative price at anytime by visiting your My Rentals page: www.lovehomeswap.com/my-rentals. If you are already in a rental conversation with a guest you can adjust your indicative price with the guest to account for any seasonal changes.

How much should I charge?

Sometimes it's a little tricky to decide on a price for your place!

We suggest pricing your first booking lower than your ideal price until you've got a review or two, then start incrementally increasing your price. You can edit your pricing at any time.

Can I amend a rental offer price once it's been sent?

Yes. If the dates of the rental change, or you need to add additional services to a rental prior to the guest paying, you can simply adjust the total price using the My Messages conversation panel. If the guest has already paid, it is not normally possible to adjust the price, please contact your Member Concierge team with any queries: www.lovehomeswap.com/contact