Why do you have three ways to travel through Love Home Swap?

We know our members love to swap but many also want to rent stylish homes when swaps can't be agreed. To help you agree more trips we have three flexible travel options to allow you to make better use of your home through the club.

Swap - This is the classic home exchange holiday, where two members get in touch through our site and swap homes with each other either simultaneously or non-simultaneously.

Points - You can also choose to earn points when another member stays in your home, instead of staying in their home yourself. This allows you to make the most of the time when your home is sitting empty and then use the Points you earn to travel where and when it suits you - for free.

Rent - Members can choose to rent out their home through the site, earning money from their property when they do so. You can also book rental trips through the club yourslef at low booking rates.

How do rentals work alongside swapping?

Swapping is still at the core of what we do, but we know that sometimes swaps can't be agreed. However members of the club still want to stay at the stylish homes unique to Love Home Swap. So you can propose a rental to members who have said that they're open to renting out their home.
You can set this preference, as well as an indicative rental price, in your profile.

What are the benefits?

We're the only online travel club to give our members three different ways to travel - Swap, Points, Rent - allowing you to make the most of your home during the year.

You can earn points or earn money from your property whilst you're away. And holiday for free at any time of the year in any of the amazing 80,000+ homes that make up our club around the world.

We offer you a wider range of services to help you line up dream vacations that will save you a fortune. As a member of our club, you can now enjoy more ways to save money when you travel and make money from your home. Plus, the finest selection of stylish city and vacation homes worldwide - owned by homeowners just like you.

What if I just want to home swap?

We know that some of our members only want to swap - so we've been extra careful to ensure that, if you don't want to hear about rental offers, you never have to. Simply update your preferences in My Profile if this is the case for you.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Your dedicated Travel Team are here to help - simply drop them a line via www.lovehomeswap.com/contact-us with any questions.