What does Coronavirus mean for my travel plans?

Learn more about how to home swap safely at this time here

How do you keep my profile secure?

Your phone number, home or email address will not be made visible anywhere on the website. 

Location-wise, if you prefer, you can choose just to enter just the wider district in which you live when locating your property on the site. 

To protect your privacy, members cannot see your full name when contacting you about a home exchange unless you choose to share this - just your first name.

How about insurance?

It's always a good idea to talk to your home insurer before your trip to make sure you're covered while you swap and to give yourself a chance to take out any extra cover, should you need it.

Why can't I share my phone number or email address before I agree a trip?

We require all messages to be handled through the Love Home Swap site to maintain your privacy and protect you from scams, phishing attacks and fraudulent payments. This enables us to provide a good level of service and to ensure that all interactions adhere to our Terms of Use.

Once you agree a trip you can exchange details to communicate off-site

How does ID Verification work?

ID Verfication will allow you to show other members that Love Home Swap have confirmed your identity.

This service is included with Standard and Platinum memberships.

All you need to do is supply us with one valid photo ID (like a driver's licence or passport) and one recent utility bill and we'll reward you with a lovely little icon on your Love Home Swap profile to say we checked you out and can vouch for your identity.

To find out more, contact our team

How do reviews work?

After any trip agreed through the site, Love Home Swap will drop you an email asking you to post a review on your swap.

Reviews consist of a star rating out of 5, along with a comments section where you can let other members know about your experience, the home and your hosts.

These reviews will be posted on your host's profile and all reviews can also be found in our Member Reviews section.

How does the swap confirmation process work?

The Love Home Swap site takes you through the process of agreeing home swaps online in a simple and secure way. This covers the essentials and confirms your swap timings and other specifics.

You can start this process simply by clicking on the 'Agree Swap' button in the top right corner of any trip discussion.

When confirming Points swaps you will be able to confirm all the details and choose different booking options for your trip.

For any questions, please contact us on info@lovehomeswap.com

Do you offer Traveller+?

The Traveller+ membership tier is paused at the moment for new members of Love Home Swap. 

Those currently on Traveller+ membership tiers will continue to enjoy all of the benefits of the Traveller+ membership tier for the rest of their annual membership term.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Membership team at info@lovehomeswap.com, who will be very happy to assist.