What is a Trip Deposit?

This is a service offered to Love Home Swap members to provide cover for the rare occasion when a host is forced to cancel a trip after it has already been booked.

What's the benefit to me?

When agreed with another member, you'll know that you can both confidently go ahead and book your flights, train tickets or car hire and start making plans for your holiday.

How do I activate the Trip Deposit service?

When you're in a discussion with another member and have decided to go ahead with a trip, you'll need to agree the trip through the site as usual. At this time you can both agree to add a Trip Deposit to the trip and book this in via the Love Home Swap team.

How much do you suggest for a Trip Deposit?

This is at the discretion of our members, but we suggest an amount that will allow you to proceed with your trip or to cover incurred costs. This would most likely mean the value of finding alternative accommodation so as not to affect your trip.

Our team will be happy to work with you to find the most suitable amount, but we suggest at least £1000 per week. Both parties will agree to each set the same amount aside for the trip deposit.

If the trip all goes ahead as usual what happens to the Trip Deposit?

The amount will be refunded within 72 hours of the trip starting, unless we hear of any issues. If the members choose to roll the amount over into a security deposit for the rest of the trip to cover accidental damage, the amount will be refunded in line with the security deposit terms and conditions - 48 hours after the end of the trip.

As a host, what if I have no choice but to cancel my side of the trip?

The Trip Deposit terms and conditions will still apply and the trip deposit will be transferred to the guest.

Is it compulsory?

No. While it is recommended, a trip deposit is an optional service that our members can make use of when planning trips.

What are the charges involved?

Love Home Swap will manage the process on our members' behalf as well as facilitate the secure holding of the trip deposit funds. There is an administration fee of 10% charged on the total amount of the agreed trip deposit.

If you take the convenient option of rolling the trip deposit over into a security deposit for the duration of the swap, the combined fee would be 15%.