What is the Love Home Swap rental Guest Guarantee?

Enjoy total peace of mind with our Guest Guarantee for any Rentals you book via our site – and the lowest rates anywhere on the web.

Our Rental payments are held in ESCROW once they’ve been taken. We do not touch or release the funds until 48 hours after the Rental has begun to ensure that both parties are fully covered in case any issues arise with the booking.

How do we handle trust and security?

Love Home Swap is very secure. We go to great lengths to ensure that our Guests and Hosts are in good hands, and that their money is safe, every step of the way. We use a secure payment system and guests are asked to review the property and their Host at the end of each stay. This provides a body of knowledge which can help future Guests make an informed decision about which property to book.

Why do we have to use your system/communcate through site?

It is necessary to keep communication and transactions on Love Home Swap for your own safety. The travel industry has always been vulnerable to risks and uncertainty. We've strived to create a community marketplace that brings security and trust to the table in a way never before possible, and keeping your communication and transactions on Love Home Swap is vital to achieving this.

Private messaging for guests and Hosts and a secure payment system are just a few examples of tools we offer to enable trust and safety in our community.