What can I do with the Points I've earned?

You can travel more through the club and can send Points trip enquiries to any properties opted into the system.

Simply search for homes available on Points during the dates you want to travel by selecting 'Points' from the trip types dropdown box on the search page. Go ahead and enquire with the member as you normally would and when the trip is agreed the Points will be deducted from your balance.

Only full annual members of Love Home Swap can use the club's Points service.

Will my points work with any home on Love Home Swap?

Points can be used to book any property that is part of the Points scheme and is available at the time you're looking to travel. Agreement of any trip through the site is completely at the discretion of the owner of the property.

What if I don't have enough points for a booking?

You'll need to have enough points to book before you're able to contact a member about staying in their property. You can earn more points by accepting Points trips to your property.

You can also top up your Points balance at a rate linked to your membership level. This is great for when you need a few extra Points to add a few exatra nights to your trip.

Does having enough points guarantee me a booking?

Bookings are accepted at the discretion of the host. Having enough points for the trip does not guarantee you a booking.

What happens if the host cancels my booking?

If a host cancels a Points trip after it has been agreed, the guest will receive a full refund of the Points and the club's trip guarantee will apply.

What if I need to cancel a booking that I have made?

Of course we'd prefer you not to cancel your booking once you've agreed it with the owner of the property (the host). But if you do need to, the following policy will apply to Points returned:

Up to 48 hours after agreeing the trip - 100% of points returned

4+ months before the start of the trip - 75% of points returned

2-4 months before the start of the trip - 50% of points returned.

1-2 months before the start of the trip - 25% of points returned.

Less than 30 days before the start of the trip - no points returned.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

If you've got any more questions or suggestions about Swap Points please feel free to email us at points@lovehomeswap.com.