Palm Beach

New South Wales, Australia

A beach bunny's paradise.

Think of Palm Beach and you imagine long, winding, sandy beaches and clear blue water. Well thankfully this Northern Beach is everything it is cracked up to be. For land and sea lovers, it's the perfect place to laze around and spend the day just staring at the amazing view (with the occasional swim or surf - optional).

Places to visit in Palm Beach

Visiting Palm Beach will be one of the most beautiful travel experiences a beach lover can have. If relaxing on the warm white-sand beaches isn't enough, treat yourself to lunch or dinner at Jonah's. With an award-winning restaurant and breath-taking views, it's the perfect way to make your trip even more special.

For any Home and Away fans, a tour runs offering an insight into this famous Australian soap opera. You might even be able to spot the cast!

  • Sydney Airport, 1 hour
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge, 50 mins
  • Whale Beach, 35 mins

Homes in Palm Beach

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Things to see and do in Palm Beach

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