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Points makes it easy for you to arrange trips – no need to match dates and locations with other members. You earn Points when another member stays in your home and you don't stay at theirs, then use them to travel when it suits you.

Suzie's family Christmas in New York

How Love Home Swap member Suzie used Points to book the holiday of a lifetime with her family in The Big Apple

Earn Points when you become a member
Suzie lists her home in Auckland and receives 100 Points
home listed

Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Beautiful heritage family home with harbour views

+100 points
Earn Points while you're away
Suzie's away visiting relatives in June so accepts George from London for seven nights
Trip confirmed


London, United Kingdom

7 Nights, (7 - 14 June 2014)

+700 points
Earn Points while your home sits empty
Hannah from Spain stays at Suzie's for a long weekend whilst she's away on a business trip
Trip confirmed


Malaga, Spain

3 Nights, (21 - 24 October 2014)

+300 points
Suzie now has a balance of 1100 Points
She wants to visit relatives over Christmas in New York – so searches and requests an 11 day trip from other Points members
Points trip search

New York

11 Nights, (20- 21 December 2014)

1100 points
Spend Points and travel for free
Suzie's request is accepted by James, Suzie pays the service fee and 1100 Points are transferred into James’ account
Trip confirmed
Going to James’ home

Manhattan, New York

Arrival 20 Dec 2014

Departure 31 Dec 2014

Points for duration: 1100

-1100 points

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